LC Tokenomics

LC is the LuckyChip token. LuckyChip Earnings will 100% distributed to LC Builders. (Check "Lucky Bonus" for more details.)

  • All fair farms, No private-sale. No IXO. No pre-mining.
  • 1 billion hard cap, 100 per block, 10% reduction every month
  • 40% Farmer, 30% Banker, 15% Player, 5% Referrer, 8% Team, 2% Ecosystem

Player: Bet with LC enjoys higher Bet Mining rate and higher chance of Lucky Lottery

Banker:Bank with LC enjoys higher Farming rate and stable Lucky Power

Bet Mining

All bet volume will mine LC pro rata like a "Mining Machnie". Keep LC unclaimed and earn Lucky Bonus by accumulating Lucky Power. Your current bet volume will stop mining once you claim the LC.

Lucky Bonus

For each bet, 0.4% of the betting reward is collected from winners and Lucky Bonus. Lucky Bonus is the earnings of LuckyChip and will be 100% distributed to all LC builders weighted by Lucky Power. Accumulate your Lucky Power and earn the Lucky Bonus.

Lucky Power

Lucky Power is the certification as a LuckyChip Builder, and it is calculated as 100% x "Unclaimed LC" + 50% x "staked LC". "Unclaimed LC" is the LC earned from Farming and Bet Mining but not been claimed yet. "Staked LC" is the LC staked in Liquidity Pool or Dice Table Banker.

Lucky Lottery

For each bet, 0.1% of the betting reward is collected from winners to purchase LC in market as Lucky Lottery. Lucky Lottery will be used to reward Players in a way of lottery draw. Every day there will be 3 Lucky Lotteries:

  1. Luckiest Player, 10%, 1 of all players, chance weighted by bet volume
  2. Luckier Players, 30%, 10 of all players, chance weighed by bet volume
  3. Lucky Players, 60%, 100 of all LC players, chance weighed the same

LC bet volume will be double weighted.

Lucky Prize

Nearly 1% of Daily LC minted will be collected as Lucky Prize to reward Top 10 Referrers with the most daily active players. LC active players. LC active players will be double counted. Rank and Share as follows.

Rank 1 Share 19%

Rank 2 Share 17%

... ... ...

Rank 9 Share 3%

Rank 10 Share 1%

LC Burn

For each bet, 0.1% of the betting reward is collected from winners to purchase LC in maret and send to burn.