LC Tokenomics


LC Tokenomics

LC is the LuckyChip token with a hard cap of 1 Billion.

10% for Airdrop: 5% for All New Players, 5% for DEX Game Players.

90% for Fair Farm: 40% for Banker, 20% for Player, 15% for Liquidity Provider, 5% for Referrer, 8% for Team, 2% for Treasury.

LC Token Utilities

For Holders: 100% of LuckyChip earnings for LC holders

For Player: Bet with LC enjoys higher chance of Lucky Lottery

For Banker: Stake with LC enjoys higher Farming rate

For Farmer: Provide LC Liquidity enjoys higher APR

For Governance: LuckyDAO in future, community can vote with LC

Bet Mining

Daily Bet Reward in LC to every players based on their bet volume

Bank Farming

Users at LuckyChip can contribute TVL to the House Bankroll and farm on it.

  1. Stake SINGLE crypto to be the Banker
  2. Stake Banker LP to Farm LC under “Lucky Farmer” page
  3. Enjoy high APR from Banker Earning and LC Farming

Lucky Profit

For each bet, 1.2% of bet amount is collected from winners as Lucky Profit. Lucky Profit is the profit of LuckyChip and will be 100% used to buyback LC or distributed to all LC holders.

Lucky Lottery

Players will enjoy FREE Lucky Lottery everyday:

20000 LC for 10 Top Players, rank by bet volume 10000 LC for 10 Lucky Players, chance weighted by bet volume 10000 LC for 10 Luckier Players, chance the same